2017 Election Results

Dear Stanford Students,

The Elections Commission has been contacted by students who are concerned that they have not been sent a ballot for the 2017 ASSU General Election.

In order to verify who is eligible to vote, the Commission uses only the most recent enrollment data from the University Registrar to determine eligibility to vote.

If you have not received a ballot, it is most likely because University enrollment data does not reflect you as a student at-status during Winter 2017 - the most recent enrollment data compiled by the University Registrar. In such cases, the Commission cannot verify your status as a student and thus cannot provide you a ballot.

The Elections Commission has taken note of this issue. We can assure you that we are currently working on figuring out how to best get this resolved. We will provide updates as available.

In the meantime, please contact the Commission with any such concerns.

Elections Commission

The voter guide is currently open.

Please visit petitioning.stanford.edu to view candiates, slates, and issues.

For voters!

Elections ballot opens on April 13th, 12:01am and closes on April 14th, 11:59pm. You will receive a personalized email Qualtrics survey when the ballot opens. For Senate elections, you can choose to vote for up to 15 candidates. For Exec, we will adopt a Ranked Voting system where you will be asked to rank Executive Slates depending on your preferences. We will announce the election results on April 15th, 2017

2017 Upcoming Events

Do you know your Senate Candidates? Tune in to 90.1FM or live stream from KZSU to listen to your future ASSU Senate speak about their goals, experiences, and everything in between.

Do you want to watch ASSU Executive Candidates debate about their platforms and the issues that students care about on campus? Be present in the ASSU Executive Candidate Debate hosted by ASSU Elections Commission and Co-sponsored by The Stanford Daily and KZSU.

Please see the candidates page for information. For those who missed the information sessions, the slides can be found here.

Stay informed!

Sign up here for our mailing lists to stay up to date with us this election cycle. Candidates, this will be especially useful for you.

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Office Hours

Have questions? Come to any of the below office hours.

Popular Legislation

All Stanford students have the right, at any time, to submit petitions for initative, referendum, and recall. For more information, please contact the Elections Commission.

About the Elections Commission

The ASSU Elections Commission is an independent body of the ASSU that

Elections matter to every Stanford student because they're your chance to choose how we spend millions of dollars and pick the future leaders of the student body. The Elections Commission ensures that every student has a fair and free opportunity to vote on the issues that matter to them.