2017 Election Results

Petitioning for the 2018 ASSU Election cycle will open on February 15th.

Please visit petitioning.stanford.edu to view candiates, slates, and issues.

Candidate Guide and Voter Guide

Elections ballot opens on April 11th, 12:00am and closes on April 12th, 11:59pm. You will receive a personalized email with a Qualtrics survey when the ballot opens. We will announce the election results on April 14th.

Click on the links below for more information about running as a candidate or being a voter.

Candidate Guide

Voter Guide

For those who missed the information sessions, the slides can be found here.

Stay informed!

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Popular Legislation

All Stanford students have the right, at any time, to submit petitions for initative, referendum, and recall. For more information, please contact the Elections Commission.

About the Elections Commission

The ASSU Elections Commission is an independent body of the ASSU that

Elections matter to every Stanford student because they're your chance to choose how we spend millions of dollars and pick the future leaders of the student body. The Elections Commission ensures that every student has a fair and free opportunity to vote on the issues that matter to them.