Voter turnout

200820092010% change from 2009
All populations6,0265,6245,804+3.2%

Senior and above670705778+10%

Earth Sciences97105127+21%
H&S Humanities2069271-22%
H&S Nat Sci305210249+19%
H&S Soc Sci184138101-26%


* The 2010 percentage increase over 2009 is +15.1%, but the 2009 number does not include coterms. (In 2009, coterms chose to vote either as a grad or undergrad, even if they were eligible to vote for issues pertaining to both.) The same caveat applies for individual school increase percentages; they do represent the increase in the total number of people voting in that district, but they should not be solely relied upon for turnout comparisons to 2009 because they include coterms in each district.

** A coterm is a student who is both a currently registered undergraduate student and graduate student. They are eligible to vote on both undergrad and grad issues. The total voter turnout is calculated as follows: Undergrad-only + Grad-only – Coterm. This is to avoid double-counting coterms, who are included in both the undergrad and grad lines.

Note 1: Graduate student vote counts for each district are based on the district in which students chose to vote for their GSC reps. Grad students may belong to multiple districts but may only vote for GSC reps in one district.

Note 2: On 4/10/2009, the total graduate voter count was posted as 2,076. The correct, final figure is 2,053. The initial figure included a small number of grad students (23) who submitted online ballot forms with no selections. Since no fields on the ballot are required, such a submission is accepted; however, to remain consistent with previous years' turnout numbers, these submissions are not included in the final figure.

ASSU Executive

Round Thom and Stephanie Two Dope Boys in a Caddylack The No-Rain Campaign Peacock and Bakke Cardona and Wharton The Guzman-Mahoney Referendum Demanding Action (G-MRDA) Exhausted
1 593 288 339 1114 1615 339 0
Count of first choices.
2 628 375 1143 1663 382 97
Count after eliminating Two Dope Boys in a Caddylack and transferring votes.
3 704 1213 1742 430 199
Count after eliminating The No-Rain Campaign and transferring votes.
4 783 1308 1846 351
Count after eliminating The Guzman-Mahoney Referendum Demanding Action (G-MRDA) and transferring votes.
5 1554 2099 635
Count after eliminating Thom and Stephanie and transferring votes. Candidate Cardona and Wharton is elected.

Winner is Cardona and Wharton.

ASSU Graduate Student Council


BusinessPing Li35Elected
Earth SciencesJustin R. Brown99Elected
EducationImeh Williams3Elected (write-in candidate)
EngineeringJoanna Lankester389Elected
EngineeringTao Chu255Elected
H&S HumanitiesPraveen R Shanbhag40Elected
H&S Nat SciErik Lehnert93Elected
H&S Soc SciSalvador Zepeda53Elected
MedicineJessica Tsai199Elected
LawEvan Berquist153Elected


Joanna Lankester489Already elected in Engineering district
Addy Satija487Elected at-large #1
Jessica Tsai435Already elected in Medicine district
Tao Chu399Already elected in Engineering district
Justin R. Brown390Already elected in Earth Sciences district
Krystal St. Julien389Elected at-large #2
Drew Kennedy356Elected at-large #3
Eric Lehnert332Already elected in H&S Nat Sci district
Yichuan Ding316Elected at-large #4
Crystal Yin283Elected at-large #5
Kerensa Gimre274Not elected
Fanuel Muindi255Not elected
Ping Li221Already elected in Business district
Ze Yuan204Not elected
Evan Berquist199Already elected in Law district
Praveen R Shanbhag194Already elected in H&S Humanities district
Salvador Zepeda184Already elected in H&S Soc Sci district

ASSU Undergraduate Class Presidents

Sophomore Class President

Round SoPhresh Think Thirteen! Sophs 4 More iThirteen Exhausted
1 390 94 409 250 0
Count of first choices.
2 425 426 265 27
Count after eliminating Think Thirteen! and transferring votes.
3 509 559 75
Count after eliminating iThirteen and transferring votes. Candidate Sophs 4 More is elected.

Winner is Sophs 4 More.

Junior Class President

Junior Shore wins with 644 first-choice selections in the first round. No other slates declared their candidacy for Junior Class President, and no write-in slates earned at least 10 votes.

Senior Class President

Senior Package wins with 596 first-choice selections in the first round. No other slates declared their candidacy for Senior Class President, and no write-in slates earned at least 10 votes.

ASSU Undergraduate Senate

11159ElectedMadeline "Mad" Hawes
21074ElectedDeepa Kannappan
31050ElectedMichael Cruz
41026ElectedJuany Torres
51005ElectedBen Jensen
6958ElectedDaniel Khalessi
7948ElectedRafael "Rafa" Vasquez
8943ElectedKamil Saeid
9885ElectedRobin Perani
10869ElectedCarolyn Simmons
11829ElectedRebecca Sachs
12824ElectedStewart Macgregor-Dennis
13815ElectedKhaled "Shawi" Alshawi
14801ElectedWill Seaton
15797ElectedPat Bruny
16790Not electedShowly Wang
17778Not electedKatie Cromack
18753Not electedDanny Crichton
19728Not electedPhilip Bui
20710Not electedMilton Cosmo Achelpohl
21709Not electedMiles Unterreiner
22704Not electedNik Milanovic
23681Not electedAndrew Jang
24666Not electedBennett Siegel
25617Not electedPercia Safar
26617Not electedDan Thompson
27607Not electedEdouard "Ed" Negiar
28585Not electedNoemi Walzebuck
29546Not electedJason Lupatkin
30518Not electedRahul Sastry
31326Not electedSenator Palpatine(write-in candidate)
32105Not electedDavid Havens(write-in candidate)
3327Not electedFrog Dawg(write-in candidate)
3424Not electedEdward M. Beaux(write-in candidate)
3515Not electedJacqueline Mendoza(write-in candidate)
Other write-ins had fewer than 10 votes

Special Fees

Undergraduate-only Special Fees

Undergraduate-only Special Fees need at least 50% approval by voters and at least 15% approval of all students eligible to vote on them. There are currently 6857 students with current undergrad registrations (including coterms) as of April 5, 2010, so 15% of 6857 = 1028. These conditions are from the ASSU Constitution, Article V, Section 2(E): "A Special Fee shall be deemed to have passed if a majority of those voting on it from each of the relevant populations were in favor and if those in favor constituted at least 15 per cent of those members of the Association eligible to vote on that Special Fee." See our Special Fees page for more general information.

GroupResultYesNo% yesYes votes as % of UG student body
The Stanford ProgressiveRejected by voters: less than 15% approval of student body82679251.1%12.0%
Stanford Students in EntertainmentRejected by voters: less than 15% approval of student body91274555.0%13.3%
Stanford Cardinal Broadcasting Network (SCBN)Rejected by voters: less than 15% approval of student body93474855.5%13.6%
Stanford Chaparral (Chappie)Rejected by voters: less than 15% approval of student body94289051.4%13.7%
SIAS - Society for International Affairs at StanfordRejected by voters: less than 15% approval of student body94775955.5%13.8%
Stanford Journal of International RelationsRejected by voters: less than 15% approval of student body100764660.9%14.7%
Stanford Mock TrialPassed by voters105292953.1%15.3%
Six Degrees: A Stanford Journal of Human RightsPassed by voters106768460.9%15.6%
Stanford AXE Committee (AxeComm)Passed by voters109484856.3%16.0%
Stanford Martial Arts ProgramPassed by voters111961064.7%16.3%
Stanford Film SocietyPassed by voters113771861.3%16.6%
Stanford Scientific Magazine Passed by voters115156367.2%16.8%
Barrio AssistancePassed by voters116070362.3%16.9%
Basmati RaasPassed by voters117981159.2%17.2%
Stanford News Readership ProgramPassed by voters118357867.2%17.3%
Los Salseros de StanfordPassed by voters119668563.6%17.4%
Stanford African Students Association - SASAPassed by voters120070762.9%17.5%
Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA)Passed by voters123272762.9%18.0%
Muslim Students Awareness NetworkPassed by voters125875162.6%18.3%
Stanford Wind EnsemblePassed by voters127055169.7%18.5%
Stanford National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)Passed by voters127162966.9%18.5%
Stanford Shakespeare CompanyPassed by voters127460467.8%18.6%
Student Organizing Committee for the Arts (SOCA)Passed by voters127654969.9%18.6%
Mariachi Cardenal de Stanford Passed by voters129967665.8%18.9%
Stanford Women in BusinessPassed by voters130065166.6%19.0%
Stanford Jazz OrchestraPassed by voters131552971.3%19.2%
Stanford American Indian OrganizationPassed by voters132567366.3%19.3%
Jewish Student AssociationPassed by voters133172264.8%19.4%
Volunteers in Latin AmericaPassed by voters133962768.1%19.5%
Cardinal Ballet CompanyPassed by voters134265067.4%19.6%
KZSU 90.1 FMPassed by voters141571366.5%20.6%
Student Service Division (Green Store, Airport Shuttle, & Tech Consulting)Passed by voters142248074.8%20.7%
Stanford Symphony OrchestraPassed by voters145746675.8%21.2%
Asian American Student AssociationPassed by voters147483663.8%21.5%
Stanford Solar CarPassed by voters149555572.9%21.8%
Students for a Sustainable Stanford (SSS)Passed by voters153451974.7%22.4%
Black Student UnionPassed by voters154071168.4%22.5%
Stanford in GovernmentPassed by voters155650475.5%22.7%
Stanford Concert NetworkPassed by voters160459872.8%23.4%
Green Living CouncilPassed by voters168664272.4%24.6%
Queer/Straight AlliancePassed by voters170559474.2%24.9%
Stanford Project on Hunger (SPOON)Passed by voters170848877.8%24.9%
Stanford Dance MarathonPassed by voters185750878.5%27.1%
The Stanford DailyPassed by voters186466073.9%27.2%
The Bridge Peer Counseling CenterPassed by voters195336184.4%28.5%
Leland Stanford Junior University Marching BandPassed by voters199765775.2%29.1%
Student Initiated Courses (SIC)Passed by voters200927288.1%29.3%
SHPRC - Sexual Health Peer Resource CenterPassed by voters214941483.8%31.3%
Alternative Spring BreakPassed by voters227742384.3%33.2%

Joint Special Fees

Joint Special Fees need at least 50% approval by grad voters and 50% approval by undergrad voters, considered separately, and at least 15% approval of all Stanford students considered as a whole (not 15% in each population). There are 13981 currently registered Stanford students as of April 5, 2010, so 15% of 13981 = 2097. Note: UG and G numbers both include coterms, since a coterm is a member of each population. Coterms are subtracted before calculating the "Yes votes as % of student body" so that they are not double counted.

GroupResultUG YesUG NoUG % yes G YesG NoG % yesCoterm YesYes votes as % of entire student body
Stanford OutdoorsPassed by voters157745377.7% 89851263.7%7517.2%
ASSU Legal Counseling OfficePassed by voters159246777.3% 92741369.2%8217.4%
ASSU Speakers BureauPassed by voters180742780.9% 75653258.7%9117.7%
Stanford Club SportsPassed by voters215333586.5% 89453262.7%9021.2%
Sunday FLiCKSPassed by voters230739685.3% 89254462.1%8922.2%
Cardinal Free ClinicsPassed by voters211933586.3% 117336276.4%8822.9%

SMSA election results

Executive PresidentAgnieszka CzechowiczElected
PresidentAi Chloe ChienElected
Vice PresidentDeepa GalaiyaElected
Aria JafariNot elected
SecretaryStephanie CarrElected
TreasurerJeremy HarrisElected
OSS/OSR RepAria JafariElected
Roxana DaneshjouNot elected
Mentorship ChairJia LuoElected
Policy & Advocacy Chair (Clinical)Deepa GalaiyaNot elected (Is VP)
Policy & Advocacy Chair (Pre-clinical)Woody ChangElected
Prospective Student Recruitment ChairKerry-Ann StewartElected
Social Chair (Clinical)Josh GoldnerElected
Social Chair (Pre-clinical)Raymond TsaiElected
2nd-Year Class RepVivian LiElected
Tope Lanre-AmosElected
3rd-Year Class RepChrstina StachurElected
Nico GrundmannElected
4th-Year Class RepDavid CraigElected
Mariko HoweElected
5th-Plus-Year Class RepJessica TelleriaElected
Vicki ParikhElected
Gavitt WoodardNot elected
CCAP Rep (Pre-clinical)Erick WestbroekElected
Julia PedersonElected
CCAP Rep (Clinical)Gary GreenElected
Sina JameElected
Makeda RobinsonNot elected
CCAP Rep (MD-PhD)Jake RosenbergElected
CCAP Rep (MD+)Rachel SussmanElected