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What you're voting on

About the ASSU

The Associated Students of Stanford University's (ASSU) purpose is to serve the needs of Stanford University's 15,000+ undergraduate and graduate students. As the only student group of which every Stanford student is a member, the ASSU is tasked with advocating on behalf of the student body and ensuring the best possible Stanford experience.

The ASSU is comprised of an executive branch, two legislative branches (the Undergraduate Senate and the Graduate Student Council), and a judicial branch known as the Constitutional Council. In addition to allocating over $2.5 million to 600+ student groups annually, the ASSU interfaces with student groups, University faculty and administrators, and the outside world to represent the interests of Stanford students. (read more)

Elected offices

  • Executive (President & Vice President) — Set high-level direction for the ASSU and represent student interests to University administrators and the community.
  • Undergraduate Senate — Fund and oversee student undergraduate groups and events, address undergraduate concerns, and work to improve student life. (15 undergraduates)
  • Undergraduate Class Presidents — Run social & academic events for their class and for the whole school, such as Full Moon on the Quad, Mausoleum, class formals, iDeclare Week, and senior graduation programs. (~4 per class year, ~5 for Juniors)
  • Graduate Student Council — Represent graduate students' interests & fund graduate student groups. (15 graduates/coterms)

Annual Grants & Special Fees

Voluntary Student Organizations (VSOs) with larger expenses may not be able to fund themselves through undergraduate Quick and Standard Grants or the graduate General Fee. These groups instead may apply for Annual Grants from the undergraduate population, Special Fees from the graduate population, or Joint Special Fees from the entire population. Annual Grants are included in the undergraduate student activities fee, while Special Fees are a separate fee added charged in addition to the student activities fee for graduate students (not that you would know from your bill). These budgets are itemized on the Voter Guide site.