Total Votes - 

Ugrad - (54.4%) (New Record)

Grad -  (37.5%) (New Record, previous record was 4%)

Elections Commissioner - Jason Kang ('00)

Passed: Amendment that split the ASSU Senate into the Graduate Student Council and the Undergraduate Senate, would take effect in next election


Levin/Mills - Mike Levin and John Mills (Graduate Student) - 2339

"None of the Above" - 25%

(Write-Ins) - Adam Weiss and Jonathan Lotz - 8.16%

Senior Class Presidents:

"Supafly" - Lynn Chu, Chris Collins, Doug Mooney, Reiko Osaki 

Junior Class Presidents:

"Satisfaction Guaranteed" - Nathan Cristensen, Mike Kass, Danny Jacobs, Pandon Maughan

"4th Dimension" - Sean Tolpinrud, Winnie Yuan, Tess Malone, Mike Hehman

Sophomore Class Presidents:

"Mentos: The Froshmakers" - Danny Cox, Kathy Huang, Mo Khan, Andres Small

Special Fees Results:

36 Groups Running

Losing Groups: Stanford Debate Society, Stanford Mock Trial Team, Alternative Medicine at Stanford, Cardinal Illustrated, Society of Automotive Engineers, Stanford Society of Asian American Engineers

ASSU Senate Winners (Both Undergrad and Grad could vote):

Steven Aronowits - 1010

Matt Spence - 985

Nikki Love - 980

Clara Chan - 650

Ben Liu

Mike Dudas

Jessica Tan

Matt Crystal

Tai-Li Chang

Ashok Reddy

Tom Liu

Gideon Lewis-Kraus

Almer Khan

Serge Kassardjian

Kristy Wilson