Total Votes - 4786

Ugrad - 3599 (54.3%)

Grad - 1187 (16.1%)

Elections Commissioner - Joe Narens ('02)


Brewer/Cordero - Matt Brewer and Christine Cordero - 2197

The COMMie Manifesto - Brad Wolfe and Ganesh Shankar

Barton/Estrada - Brent Barton and Larry Estrada

Lewis-Kraus/Young - Chappie Slate - Gideo Lewis-Kraus and Jacob Young

Brady/Moreno - Liam Brady and Andy Moreno

Senior Class 

"Yeah...Baby" - Tai-Li Chang, Shiao Chien, Serge Kassardjian, Nick Larson - 648

Junior Class

"TOP GUNS" - Rajaie Batniji, Neeraj Chandra, Jordan Conners, Anna Otieno

Sophomore Class

"The ONE-DERS" - Lief Hanford, Mark McLaughlin, Jennie Pelka, Kyle Wallace

"The Group Formerly Known As..."

Undergrad Senate Winners:

24 Candidates Running

Michael Osofsky - 1386

Eric Lai

Ximena Martinez

Terri Mosqueda

Graduate Student Council:

27 Candidates Running

40 Special Fee Groups

Failed to Pass - Graduate Women's Network

"Equal Election Fund General Fee" - Passed, was measure to normalize campaign spending