2013 ASSU Spring Quarter General Election Results

Voter turnout

2010201120122013% change from 2012
All populations5,8045,4524,3694,464+2.2%

Senior and above778820666565-15.2%

Earth Sciences1271049660-37.5%
H&S Humanities71613756+51.4%
H&S Nat Sci24913489125+40.4%
H&S Soc Sci101795652-7.1%


* A coterm is a student who is both a currently registered undergraduate student and graduate student. They are eligible to vote on both undergrad and grad issues. The total voter turnout is calculated as follows: Undergrad-only + Grad-only – Coterm. This is to avoid double-counting coterms, who are included in both the undergrad and grad lines.

Note 1: Graduate student vote counts for each district are based on the district in which students chose to vote for their GSC reps. Grad students may belong to multiple districts but may only vote for GSC reps in one district.

ASSU Executive

Round A Pedagogy of Self-Discovery Gomez-Patino Ashton/Gallagher Exhausted
1 214 1513 1830 0
"A Pedagogy of Self-Discovery" is eliminated, and votes are redistributed.
2 1568 1929 39
"Gomez-Patino" is eliminated. "Ashton/Gallagher" is elected.

Winner is "Ashton/Gallagher".

ASSU Graduate Student Council


Business* (five-way tie)1Pending
Earth SciencesBryce Anzelmo42Elected
EducationPetr Johanes15Elected
EducationChris Piech5Not Elected
EngineeringWendy Ni133Elected
EngineeringAteeq Suria86Elected
EngineeringDavid Hsu80Not Elected
EngineeringAX71Not Elected
EngineeringAustin Hay70Not Elected
EngineeringSaad Bhamla55Not Elected
EngineeringJune Lee35Not Elected
EngineeringPatricia AuBuchon34Not Elected
EngineeringJohnny Giorgis20Not Elected
H&S HumanitiesAdrienne Rose Johnson17Elected
H&S HumanitiesVladimir Troyansky13Not Elected
H&S HumanitiesWillys DeVoll12Not Elected
H&S Nat SciTrevor Martin84Elected
H&S Soc SciAshveer Pal Singh37Elected
MedicineEduardo Gonzalez-Maldonado93Elected
LawSusie Choi78Elected
LawPaul Harold57Not Elected

* A tie between write-in candidates has occurred in this position. The result of the election is pending.

** A write-in candidate has won this position. The result of the election is pending acceptance and declaration of intent to serve.


Wendy Ni227Already elected in the Engineering district
Susie Choi218Already elected in the Law district
David Hsu178Elected at-large #1
Trevor Martin165Already elected in the H&S Nat Sci district
Paul Harold163Elected at-large #2
Eduardo Gonzalez-Maldonado162Already elected in the Medicine district
AX155Elected at-large #3
Ateeq Suria150Already elected in the Engineering district
Austin Hay134Elected at-large #4
Adrienne Rose Johnson132Already elected in the H&S Humanities district
Saad Bhamla127Elected at-large #5
Petr Johanes111Already elected in the Education district
Vladimir Troyansky98Not Elected
June Lee94Not Elected
Ashveer Pal Singh82Already elected in the H&S Soc Sci
Anilesh K. Krishnaswamy74Not Elected
Patricia AuBuchon70Not Elected
Chris Piech61Not Elected
Willys DeVoll56Not Elected
Bryce Anzelmo54Already elected in the Earth Sciences district
Johnny Giorgis48Not Elected

ASSU Undergraduate Class Presidents

Sophomore Class President

Round SophServe Cardinal Direction Exhausted
1 493 559 0

"Cardinal Direction" wins with 559 votes in the first round.

Junior Class President

Round Junior Mints take15 Exhausted
1 242 506 0

"take15" wins with 506 votes in the first round.

Senior Class President

Round PAC-14 SenYOUR Time Exhausted
1 257 485 0

"SenYOUR" wins with 485 votes in the first round.

ASSU Undergraduate Senate

11132ElectedAbby Dow
21083ElectedBrandon Caruso
31077ElectedNatasha Patel
41072ElectedJohn-Lancaster Finley
51044ElectedHisham Al-Falih
6956ElectedBen Holston
7955ElectedAnnalis K. Breed
8944ElectedAngela Zhang
9926ElectedEliaf Osman
10913ElectedRyan Matsumoto
11842ElectedAvery W. Haskell
12686ElectedZane Hellman
13627ElectedIlya Mouzykantskii
14619ElectedBrianna Brown
15557ElectedNikos Liodakis
16453Not ElectedZachary P. Johnson
17448Not ElectedEric Wilson
18426Not ElectedSister Travis Sanchez
19414Not ElectedLauren Benner
20381Not ElectedMatthew Chen
21379Not ElectedMcKenzie Andrews
22372Not ElectedMiles Lichtman
23366Not ElectedRevanth Kosaraju
24351Not ElectedNitish Kulkarni
25133Not ElectedSenator Palpatine
Other write-ins had fewer than 50 votes.

Special Fees

Undergraduate-only Special Fees

Undergraduate-only Special Fees need at least 50% approval by voters and at least 15% approval of all students eligible to vote on them. Currently, 6678 students are registered as undergraduates (including coterms). Thus, undergraduate Special Fees require approval by 50% of the students voting on them, as well as 1002 "yes" votes. These conditions are from the ASSU Constitution, Article V, Section 2(E). See our Special Fees page for more general information.

GroupYesNo% yes"yes" votes as % of UG student bodyResult
L'Chayim Club 1021 871 53.96% 15.29% Approved by voters
Stanford Harmonics 1207 916 56.85% 18.07% Approved by voters
Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA) 1262 761 62.38% 18.90% Approved by voters
Leland Quarterly 1260 757 62.47% 18.87% Approved by voters
Stanford Mixed Company 1407 811 63.44% 21.07% Approved by voters
Stanford Film Society 1350 778 63.44% 20.22% Approved by voters
Stanford Martial Arts Program 1355 705 65.78% 20.29% Approved by voters
Stanford Dil Se - Hindi Film Dance 1379 714 65.89% 20.65% Approved by voters
Stanford Axe Committee 1492 768 66.02% 22.34% Approved by voters
Muslim Student Awareness Network 1382 693 66.60% 20.69% Approved by voters
Viennese Ball Committee 1450 720 66.82% 21.71% Approved by voters
Basmati Raas 1420 685 67.46% 21.26% Approved by voters
Sunday FLiCKS 1647 794 67.47% 24.66% Approved by voters
Stanford Bhangra 1459 693 67.80% 21.85% Approved by voters
Jewish Students Association 1471 669 68.74% 22.03% Approved by voters
Stanford African Students Association (SASA) 1426 648 68.76% 21.35% Approved by voters
Stanford Mock Trial 1486 655 69.41% 22.25% Approved by voters
Mariachi Cardenal de Stanford 1473 643 69.61% 22.06% Approved by voters
Stanford American Indian Organization 1462 636 69.69% 21.89% Approved by voters
Latinos Unidos de Stanford 1466 633 69.84% 21.95% Approved by voters
KZSU Stanford 90.1FM 1602 689 69.93% 23.99% Approved by voters
Asian American Students' Association 1550 649 70.49% 23.21% Approved by voters
Society for International Affairs at Stanford 1458 589 71.23% 21.83% Approved by voters
Stanford Fleet Street Singers 1724 648 72.68% 25.82% Approved by voters
Black Student Union 1648 597 73.41% 24.68% Approved by voters
Educational Studies Program (SPLASH) 1555 563 73.42% 23.29% Approved by voters
Cardinal Ballet Company 1564 565 73.46% 23.42% Approved by voters
Stanford National Association for the Advancement of Colored People 1626 587 73.47% 24.35% Approved by voters
Stanford News Readership Program 1587 569 73.61% 23.76% Approved by voters
Stanford Women in Business 1677 589 74.01% 25.11% Approved by voters
Green Living Council 1706 578 74.69% 25.55% Approved by voters
Stanford Shakespeare Company 1663 559 74.84% 24.90% Approved by voters
Stanford Wind Ensemble 1635 542 75.10% 24.48% Approved by voters
Barrio Assistance 1582 502 75.91% 23.69% Approved by voters
Volunteers in Latin America 1715 531 76.36% 25.68% Approved by voters
Stanford Solar Car Project 1802 535 77.11% 26.98% Approved by voters
Stanford Jazz Orchestra 1695 494 77.43% 25.38% Approved by voters
Queer/Straight Alliance 1837 527 77.71% 27.51% Approved by voters
Stanford in Government 1804 498 78.37% 27.01% Approved by voters
Students for a Sustainable Stanford 1822 491 78.77% 27.28% Approved by voters
Stanford Dance Marathon 1941 513 79.10% 29.07% Approved by voters
Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band 2107 521 80.18% 31.55% Approved by voters
Stanford Concert Network 1975 463 81.01% 29.57% Approved by voters
The Stanford Daily 2135 480 81.64% 31.97% Approved by voters
FLIP (First Generation and/or Low-Income Partnership) 1966 437 81.81% 29.44% Approved by voters
Stanford Symphony Orchestra 1942 411 82.53% 29.08% Approved by voters
Alternative Spring Break 2124 436 82.97% 31.81% Approved by voters
Stanford Flipside 2198 431 83.61% 32.91% Approved by voters
Sexual Health Peer Resource Center 2359 271 89.70% 35.32% Approved by voters
The Bridge Peer Counseling Center 2477 219 91.88% 37.09% Approved by voters

Joint Special Fees

Joint Special Fees need at least 50% approval by grad voters and 50% approval by undergrad voters, considered separately, and at least 15% approval of all Stanford students considered as a whole (not 15% in each population). There are 15531 currently registered Stanford students; thus, each Special Fee requires 50% approval of each student body as well as 2329 "yes" votes. Note: UG and G numbers both include coterms, since a coterm is a member of each population. Coterms are subtracted before calculating the "Approved by voters votes as % of student body" so that they are not double counted.

GroupUG yesUG noUG % yes G yesG noG % yesCoterm yes"yes" votes as % of entire student bodyResult
Legal Counseling Office 1720 440 79.63% 620 227 73.20% 27 14.89% Not approved
Stanford University Speakers Bureau 1871 410 82.03% 493 317 60.86% 25 15.06% Approved by voters
Stanford Club Sports 2071 413 83.37% 436 415 51.23% 25 15.98% Approved by voters
Stanford Outdoors 1876 449 80.69% 644 267 70.69% 24 16.07% Approved by voters
Cardinal Free Clinics 2312 250 90.24% 754 168 81.78% 30 19.55% Approved by voters


(Undergraduate students only)

Amendment A

The proposed amendment to the ASSU constitution.

Current ASSU Constitution, Article II §3.A reads as follows:
  1. The fifteen members of the Undergraduate Senate shall be elected from and shall represent the undergraduate population.
  2. Each member of the undergraduate population voting may cast one vote for as many Undergraduate Senate seats as are assigned to the undergraduate population.
  3. The candidates equal in number to the number of available Undergraduate Senate seats who receive the largest number of votes shall become members of the Undergraduate Senate.
  4. If at any time more than one-third of the Undergraduate Senate seats are vacant, the Undergraduate Senate shall immediately call a special election to fill all vacant seats.

The ASSU Constitution, Article II §3.A is amended to read:
  1. The fifteen members of the Undergraduate Senate shall be elected from and shall represent the undergraduate population.
  2. Each member of the undergraduate population voting may cast one vote for as many Undergraduate Senate seats as are assigned to the undergraduate population.
  3. The upperclass candidates who receive the highest number of votes among all upperclass candidates shall become members of the Undergraduate Senate.
    • This section shall only apply to Undergraduate Senate elections in which all fifteen seats are available for election.
    • An upperclass candidate is a candidate who anticipates holding academic status as an Undergraduate Junior or higher, as defined by the University Registrar, at the beginning of Fall Quarter of the year of the majority of his/her term. In case of dispute, decisions regarding whether a candidate is an upperclass candidate shall be made by the Elections Commission.
    • In order to be elected under this section, upperclass candidates must have petitioned for the required amount of signatures as set by the Elections Commission.
    • The number of upperclass candidates elected under this section shall be defined in the Undergraduate Senate By-Laws. The resolution of ties shall also be set in the Undergraduate Senate By-Laws.
    • Any upperclass candidates who are not elected under this section may be elected under section 4.
  4. After the upperclass candidates have been seated, all remaining available seats shall be filled by the remaining candidates who receive the largest number of votes, up to the maximum fifteen members.
  5. If at any time more than one-third of the Undergraduate Senate seats are vacant, the Undergraduate Senate shall immediately call a special election to fill all vacant seats

Amendment A passes.