Election Regulations - ASSU Elections Commission

Election Regulations

The Constitution, Joint Bylaws, and Elections Appendix

The final authority on all elections-related questions is always the ASSU Constitution, Joint Bylaws, and the Elections Appendix to the Joint Bylaws (in that order). Copies of these documents are available on the ASSU's website. The Elections Commission uses the 2007 Constitution as amended in 2015 and the most recently updated copy of the bylaws, available here.

The Legislative Body Bylaws

The legislative bodies have also set bylaws that apply only to issues particular to their body or constituency, and as long as they do not conflict with the Joint Bylaws or the Constitution. Those governing documents are also available on the ASSU website in a heavily outdated form.

Legislative Items

Bills passed through the Senate and GSC may have modified the Joint Bylaws after the canonical text. The text of all approved bills is available on the Senate and GSC mailing lists (see Stay Updated), and we've copied some here for easy reference.

Constitutional Amendments

Popular legislation may have modified the Constitution after the canonical text. We have copied some changes here for easy reference.

University Policies

University policies should be followed at all times.

Additional Regulations

Additional regulations for candidates can be found on the candidates page.